Aerospace Energy Sessions

DLA Energy Aerospace Mission Overview
This session will provide an overview of products and services that Aerospace Energy provides.

DoD Industrial Applications of Cryogenic Fluids
In this session, attendees will learn about cryogenic uses in industrial manufacturing environments. A DLA Energy Aerospace Energy subject matter expert will examine applications that can support depot operations such as cryogenic tempering, milling, machining and testing environmental control.

30th Space Wing’s Spaceport Overview
This presentation will describe the U.S. Air Force’s vision of building a West Coast spaceport capable of supporting multiple commercial launch providers with a launch tempo of more than 20 launches per year, which doubles the requirement for DLA Energy Aerospace Energy products.

DLA Energy’s Support of Lockheed Martin’s Space Mission
Attendees will be provided an overview of past, present and future space programs that Lockheed Martin is supporting using DLA Energy Aerospace Energy products.

Worldwide Helium Supply Analysis
In this session, a subject matter expert from the Bureau of Land Management will discuss what is happening with the worldwide helium supply and how the helium demand stacks up against the supply. This presentation will provide insight and open discussion about how the Department of Defense can make efficient use of the federal helium reserve, how congressional mandates impact the supply and how the government can align itself to provide a whole of government strategy. After the presentation, there will be a question and answer session.

What’s Happening in Air Force Space Launch
In this session, attendees will hear from a subject matter expert working in the world of the Air Force space launch program. Learn about past and future Air Force launch programs, DLA Energy’s propellant support to these programs, and the bigger integration that is a part of space launch, the Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force Propulsion Committee.

NASA Propellant Propulsion Mission
During this session, attendees will hear about exciting NASA missions – both science and human space flight – as well as how DLA Energy and NASA mutually support missions and the various ways DLA Energy supports NASA, such as providing several propellants for NASA’s launches and spacecraft. A NASA subject matter expert will discuss important past and future launch operations, and potential propellant usage, such as the future of “in-space” propulsion.

Panel Discussion on Future of Space Launch, Challenges and Opportunities
Hear from the NASA and Office of Secretary of Defense co-chairs of the Joint Army Navy NASA Air Force Programmatic Industrial Base committee and members of the Executive Committee. Discussions will focus on challenges and opportunities facing U.S. space launch programs, both current and future. The panel will discuss the different organizational bodies, coordination across organizations, challenges, opportunities and threats. There will be opportunities to ask panel members questions on the future of space launch, supply chain constraints and potential industry impacts.

as of February 8, 2019