Why Attend

Mission accomplishment requires close collaboration and strong relationships with critical stakeholders. The 2019 DLA Energy Worldwide Energy Conference highlights the importance of partnerships across the entire spectrum of the energy supply chain and provides a forum for energy industry leaders to engage in dialogue about issues critical to both industry and consumers. Our focus is on developing energy solutions and building relationships with industry, suppliers, other government partners, and our allies.

In 2019, more than 100 workshops will be offered, covering topics across DLA Energy’s worldwide business including petroleum supply and distribution, supply chain services, aerospace energy, installation energy and alternative fuels. Sessions focused on the space launch community – liquid propellants, helium, and cryogenics – will be managed by our Aerospace business line, with customers such as NASA, the International Space Station, Space and Missile Systems Center, and the Bureau of Land Management, who manages the federal helium reserve.

This is a unique opportunity for Department of Defense employees (from military service members, contractors and leaders) to meet with top industry experts to discuss current trends and initiatives in the petroleum, alternative fuel and renewable energy fields.


“The Worldwide Energy Conference is back with a bang! It is a great platform for discussing “anything energy” — fuels, renewables, policy, and future trends. Well-postured for being an event you mark on your calendar with a pen, not a pencil.”

Paul Churchill

DLA Energy, Utility Services

“The Worldwide Energy Conference was a unique and exceptional opportunity to physically assemble the entire DoD energy enterprise including customers, vendors, industry professionals, and policy makers in one venue to exchange ideas, identify challenges, and outline opportunities for the future on an extended planning horizon.”

COL Marc Thoreson

Commander, DLA Energy Middle East