Customer Operations Sessions

Demand Planning Roundtable
During this session, a DLA Energy subject matter expert will provide an overview of DLA Energy demand planning as seen through sales metrics trends for bulk and non-bulk materials. An emphasis will be on trends derived from warfighter support and potential modifications to support based on those trends. There will also be a discussion of future demand planning initiatives, followed by question and answer session.

Demand Planning Collaboration Overview for Users
Session attendees will learn about Demand Planning’s future training visits to customer and partner sites. This collaborator training is focused on the more advanced aspects of customer collaboration, including but not limited to, an overview of what happens to collaboration within Demand Planning, definitions/uses of various key figures in the collaboration portal and Demand Planning future initiatives. The goal of the training is to provide collaborators with an understanding of all available collaboration tools in order to make the process easier for the end user.

Defense Support of Civil Authorities
In this session, attendees will learn about the role DLA Energy plays in Defense Support of Civil Authorities. A subject matter expert will discuss the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s contingency fuel contract, a recap of last year’s hurricane season support, U.S. Northern Command Title 10/Title 32 support and their upcoming Ardent Sentry 19 exercise.

Fuel Card Programs
This session is open to all conference attendees and is especially beneficial to U.S. government employees who manage commercial purchases of aviation, ground and marine fuels, and ancillary services worldwide. The discussion will focus on the significance and benefit of the four card programs managed by the DLA Energy Card Program Office. The discussion will also highlight current efforts to meet audit readiness objectives for our DoD and federal civilian customers, demonstrate available tools to help our customers with their card accounts, into-plane merchant pricing, customer requirements for into-plane and bunkers contracts, and future industry partnerships that will benefit future requirements for commercial fuel purchases.

Support to Non-DoD Authorized Customers
DLA Energy provides energy products and services to a broad range of non-DoD customers. This includes petroleum, natural gas, coal, compressed and liquefied gases and aerospace propellants. The overview will highlight the sales authorities to sell defense working capital fund fuel to DoD contractors, federal agencies, federal contractors, universities and others. This session is recommended for, and beneficial to current and potential DLA Energy customers.

Streamlined Additive Support for the Warfighter
If your operation requires additized jet fuel, this session is for you. Learn how DLA Energy is closing the operational gaps of providing support to the warfighter at forward locations where contracted additized jet fuel cannot obtained. During this session, a subject matter expert will explore additive packages, prepositioning and operations.

Art and Science of Customer Fuel Requirements
During this session, a subject matter expert will provide a peek behind the curtain at how DLA Energy looks at your requirement. Poorly crafted requirements lead to customers with no fuel support or taxpayers paying too much per gallon. We will explore both subtle and obvious considerations when crafting requirements prior to submission to DLA Energy.

Acceptance of Fuel Using Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment
In this session, attendees will learn about the invoice reconciliation process for DLA Energy customer direct products. Federal agency officials can expect to have a better understanding of contract/delivery order verification as it relates to the Energy Enterprise Business Portal ordering system. Attendees will also learn about proper evidential matter for the acceptance and resolution of invoices and the key data elements of an invoice. DLA Energy vendors supporting customer direct contracts will also benefit by attending this session and will better understand the customer perspective of invoices submitted, the certification process and routing of accepted/rejected invoices.

Invoicing and Payment Processes for Non-DOD Authorized Customers
This session will explain how products and services purchased from DLA Energy are invoiced to non-DoD authorized customers and how those customers can pay the invoices. A subject matter expert will cover invoicing using the U.S. Treasury form 7600B and Intergovernmental Payment and Collection system for participating federal agencies and the use of the Standard Form 1080 for other non-DoD customers. This session is recommended for DoD, federal, public- and private-sector employees responsible for payment of DLA Energy invoices for products and services.

as of February 8, 2019