DLA Energy Regions Sessions

DLA Energy Middle East Overview
DLA Energy Middle East provides comprehensive fuel management support to U. S. Central Command and other government activities operating in the CENTCOM area of responsibility. Through use of a robust and flexible petroleum distribution network, the employment of strategically dispersed bulk petroleum facilities, and synchronization and maintenance of multiple support arrangements, DLA Energy Middle East enables component commanders the flexibility to execute combatant command-directed combat operations and theater engagement. This session will provide an overview of the regional office’s efforts to support the warfighter operating in CENTCOM to include current difficulties and efforts to overcome them, contractor support challenges and future initiatives.

DLA Energy Americas Overview
DLA Energy Americas provides comprehensive energy support and solutions to the various departments and agencies of the U.S. government, as well as international partners, in the most effective and efficient manner possible. DLA Energy Americas, through a comprehensive fuel distribution network, schedules the receipt, storage and distribution of more than 2 billion gallons of fuel products annually to DLA Energy customers. The region’s area of responsibility consists of North, Central and South Americas, plus the Caribbean Island states and territories; a total of 16.7 million square miles encompassing the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska and 39 additional countries/territories. This session will provide information on the day-to-day operations of DLA Energy Americas, highlighting current strategic initiatives, along with challenges and efforts to address them. This session will also provide some insight how DLA Energy Americas is integrated with Defense Support to Civil Authorities events, support to the warfighter and engagement with corporate partners.

DLA Energy Europe & Africa Overview
DLA Energy Europe and Africa provides comprehensive energy solutions in the U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command areas of responsibility. DLA Energy Europe and Africa is responsible for the end-to-end integrated materiel management of bulk fuel storage and distribution operations in Europe and Africa. This geographic responsibility includes 55.8 million square miles, covering 103 nations in all of Europe and Africa, parts of Asia and North America, and extends from 500 miles off the Atlantic coast of the United States to the Pacific coast of Russia. It includes two-thirds of the Earth’s coastlines, spanning 18 time zones. This session will provide an update on ongoing activities in both Europe and Africa to include the challenges and future supply chain initiatives.

DLA Energy Hawaii Overview
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DLA Energy Okinawa Overview
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DLA Energy Japan Overview
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DLA Energy Korea Overview
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DLA Energy Southwest Pacific Overview
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as of February 8, 2019