DLA Energy Sessions

Audit Summit
Proper stewardship of government-owned assets is a fundamental responsibility at every level of management. As good stewards of taxpayer funds we must be “audit ready” and have reliable and repeatable controls and processes in place. What must an organization do in preparation for a visit by an Independent Public Auditor, or IPA? What is the responsibility of DLA and its partners in remediating material weaknesses and deficiencies identified by the IPA during the past two-year financial statement audits? In this session a DLA Energy subject matter expert will discuss the IPA’s purpose for performing site visits, the four stages of an IPA audit (including Planning, Internal Controls’ Evaluation, Fieldwork/Testing and Reporting) and roles/responsibilities to address IPA ‘findings.’ We will dive into questions related to internal controls, policies and procedures and where to go to stay abreast of updates/changes. We will discuss the IPA’s expectations for evidential matter/supporting documentation, the current processes in place to address IPA requests and how to successfully remediate an IPA finding.

Knowledge Management—The Bridge to Joint Petroleum Training
The DLA Energy Knowledge Management Program was created to provide a holistic approach to address training needs throughout, and for, the Class IIIB supply chain. In this session a subject matter expert will briefly touch on the history of the program, status of current course developments, planned developments and hosting locations. Additionally, the SME will discuss the location of current computer-based training and demonstrate its functionality.

Bulk Petroleum Executive Agent—How to Enable the Warfighter
The Department of Defense bulk petroleum supply chain is long and complex, managed by multiple DoD components all at once. But no component or military service is alone in their efforts to make the supply chain better. Help is always available through a collaborative program known as Executive Agency. This session will clarify the approach for best utilizing the EA construct, and how DoD components team up to achieve improvements in the DoD bulk petroleum supply chain. EA works in a collaborative environment for the good of the DoD.

Cybersecurity within the Fuels/Energy Supply Chain
A subject matter expert will update session attendees on how DLA Information Operations is protecting DLA Energy support systems in the cyber warfighting domain.

Operational Technology Cyber Security—Who’s Monitoring Your Logistics Networks?
Every day we depend upon many control systems; most now are networked and potentially easily exploitable, i.e. utility, water, natural gas, facility lighting, petroleum systems, and fire and life safety systems. Damage to or compromise of any control system may be a business or mission disabler as disruption of a computerized chiller controller could adversely impact network or database servers. Facility managers, engineers and public works representatives should know the fundamentals and relevance of how automated networks of sensors, actuators and controllers require unique cyber intelligence and security requirements. They cannot afford to hope that someone else is securing the networks they manage every day. This session provides insight into how DoD and businesses are addressing the challenges to assure the security of operations, critical infrastructure and mission continuity.

Fuels Training Portal
This session will cover the “Student for Life” concept created to identify certification, reoccurring and recertification training requirements for defense fuel support point personnel responsible for the oversight and processing of defense working capital fund fuel accounts. Additionally, the session will highlight the capabilities provided to external and internal stakeholders to manage training and provide resources required for day-to-day account management. Users will learn how to request formal in-resident and online training opportunities

FMD 9 Demo
This session will cover features, enhancements and benefits of the new version of the application. Some of the features include data replication, synchronization, Web Dispatch and Enterprise Master Data visibility just to name a few. The benefits include reduction of transaction error, the number of Thick Client Sites and the elimination of manual file transfers.

Enterprise Business System BusinessObjects©
Come learn how to utilize BusinessObjects© on the External Enterprise Business Portal to turn sales data into information. The session will cover the basics of how to run a report and how to modify it to fit your requirement.

Enterprise External Business Portal Panel
This session will provide answers to attendees’ questions concerning the Enterprise External Business Portal users both internal and external to DLA Energy. If you have a question or issue regarding EEBP, bring it here and get an answer.

Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment: Wide Area Work Flow & My Invoice Training
Wide Area Work Flow: This session will review key elements of the entire e-business suite to include WAWF, MyInvoice and EDA. It will cover registration, data entry and report options. WAWF is the required system for invoicing DLA Energy awards and serves as the electronic repository for all contract actions. The system provides invoice payment tracking and represents vendor inputs based on real-world events. The interface between contract execution and successful billing based on mutually agreed upon contract terms requires detailed understanding of data entry requirements.

System for Award Management Training
The System for Award Management is an official “no-cost” website for doing business with the federal government. It consolidates the capabilities of Central Contractor Registration/Federal Register; Online Representation and Certification Application; and Excluded Parties List System. The system also offers free help with registration and provides guides, videos, a frequently asked questions page and helpful hints for vendors navigating through the process. This session will be beneficial to new and current vendors as it will provide participants with an overview of the overall system functionality.

DLA Energy Overview
This overview of DLA Energy provides information regarding how DLA Energy is organized as a major subordinate command of the Defense Logistics Agency. Attendees will learn how DLA Energy is structured in order to provide world-class energy support to its partners and customers worldwide. Attend this session to learn how major procurement programs meet the needs of the military services and federal civilian customers, how the bulk petroleum supply chain functions, how the defense working capital fund operates and how standard pricing is established to fund operations.

Small Business Overview
Description coming soon!

as of February 8, 2019