Installation Energy Sessions

DLA Energy Electricity Program
In this session, attendees will gain an understanding of the DLA Energy electricity procurement process, how solicitations are structured, and what it takes to be a customer or a supplier under the program.

Electric Grid Modernization
The pace of technological advancement is outpacing the traditional regulatory cycle, while flat load growth is limiting a utility’s ability to explore all the technologies emerging to help manage an increasingly flexible two-way grid. This session will focus on the challenges and explore opportunities to optimize grid investment to meet growing customer demands and operational needs.

DLA Energy Natural Gas Program
This session will provide a review and discussion of the DLA Energy Natural Gas program to include the solicitation process and contract terms and conditions. Specific topics will include submission of offers, technical acceptability, contract type, pricing and contract index locations, the statement of work, invoicing, and fixed-price conversions. Discussions will also highlight the identification of DLA Energy customers and potential opportunities for new and existing contractors.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy Update
This session will provide attendees an opportunity to hear the latest on U.S. Department of Defense energy programs from the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy. Participants will have an opportunity to ask about new organizational structure and the progress of ongoing initiatives.

Military Services Energy Updates
This session will provide attendees an opportunity to hear the latest on U.S. Department of Defense energy programs from the Deputy Assistant Secretaries for Energy from the military departments. This will be an interactive question-and-answer session with the audience. Participants will have an opportunity to ask about new initiatives and the progress of ongoing programs.

Energy Savings Performance Contracts/Utility Energy Service Contracts
This session will provide attendees with program updates from the military services and how they are leveraging energy savings performance contracts and utility energy service contracts to improve the readiness and energy resilience of military installations.

Energy Resilience
In this session, attendees will learn about the elements that characterize resilience systems, identify the challenges and opportunities related to delivering cost-effective, resilient projects, and gain perspective regarding the financing paths being pursued to optimize resilient projects in an effort to achieve project scope, strategic alignment and cost-effectiveness.

Energy Technologies & Storage
This session focuses on the old and new technologies utilized to implement energy storage as an economical and viable option for facility energy and cost-saving strategies.

Blockchain Technology
This presentation will share lessons learned on one of the largest federally funded blockchain cybersecurity research and development projects focused on securing critical infrastructure and supply chains. These best practices and lessons learned highlight a number of potential opportunities for the U.S. Department of Defense to increase the cybersecurity of global supply chains that are increasingly distributed, data-driven, global and vulnerable.

Demand Response
What is Demand Response? Whether you’re already participating or unsure how, this session will provide attendees a firm foundation on Demand Response, updates on where it’s heading and how the DLA Energy Demand Response program can assist in customer participation.

Electricity & Natural Gas Market Update
Get the latest trends and understand what the current market looks like for each commodity and where things look to be heading.

Utilities Privatization Customer & Industry Forum
Utilities Privatization is a method by which the military installations shift from the role of owner-operator to that of smart utility services customers. It’s a program that provides utilities the opportunity to own, operate and maintain installation utility systems. In this session, hear from the military services’ program managers on their plans and engagements for UP requirements in their respective programs. Discussions focus on current challenges, implementation of new strategies and the future outlook of their respective programs. Additionally, panel discussions will focus on current hot topics to include mission assurance, resilience, renewables and cybersecurity within UP.

Utilities Privatization System Performance Metrics
The military departments have information about utility systems that have been privatized, but they have not tracked utilities privatization contract performance or developed measurable performance standards for these contracts. In this session, hear from the military services’ program managers on their standardized procedures on how they will evaluate system performance through objective measurement and systematic analysis in determining the manner and extent to which privatized utility systems meet measurable performance standards. This session will provide the forum for industry to provide recommendations and feedback to the military services.

as of February 8, 2019