Quality/Technical Support Sessions

DLA Energy Quality & Technical Programs and Initiatives
This session will provide an overview of DLA Energy Quality Assurance policy, programs and procedures. Discussions will include a review of the most recent revisions to MIL-STD-3004 and any impacts they may have on the fuels community, as well as the process of performing fuel quality investigations.

Research & Development and Research Initiatives
Attendees will learn about topics such as the significance of quality assurance provisions in solicitations and contracts; the process for exception deviations and waivers; the use of DLA’s quick search database, called ASSIST, to review military specifications and qualified products lists; points of inspection, testing, quality control plans, acceptance and pre-award surveys.

Fuel Specifications Update/Energy Legislation
This session will provide updates to commercial industry and military fuel specifications with a focus on major impacts to suppliers and end users. Subject matter experts will also address technical issues pertaining to interoperability between the U.S. and foreign partner nations.

Fuel Handling Advancements
This session will focus on technology developments regarding fuel handling and remediation from an operational perspective. Topics will include a look at the impact of poor handling on fuel’s ability to remain within specification limits, as well as recent technological developments that can help correct off-specification product.

Advancements in Fuel Testing and Monitoring
This session focuses on laboratory and field-testing methods used to characterize problem fuels. Topics will focus on new and emerging technologies/techniques in fuel testing resulting that can be used to inform remediation efforts or provide a fundamental understanding of problem fuels.

Fuel Stability
This panel session will examine aspects of aviation and diesel fuel stability by drawing on recent real-world issues experienced by both the commercial industry and the U.S. Department of Defense. Discussions will focus on the causes of instability and courses of action that are potentially available to address fuel stability issues.

Fuel Quality Challenges
This session will look at quality assurance and control topics to include quality challenges associated with fuel production and distribution. The session will also explore issues specific to DoD fuel customers.

as of February 8, 2019