Supply Chain Management Sessions

Commissioning Fuel for Defense Fuel Support Points (Facilities)
The purpose of this session is to educate the audience about the DLA Energy process for fuel used to commission new facilities. Discussions will focus on the process to request fuel, the current prerequisites and the approval process.

Inventory Management Plan
This session offers insight into the annual inventory management plan development process. Focus areas include how inputs from the military services and combatant commands are compiled to determine requirements, how theater and operation plan requirements are matched with available storage, and how coverage decisions are made.

Inventory Accountability Process Controls and Audit
The focus of this session will be centered on defense fuel support point inventory reporting requirements, processes and evidentiary matter requirements related to the ongoing audit. The information presented will provide DLA Energy region and DFSP personnel what’s necessary to understand the overall expectations of the DFSPs and impact of the inventory audit.

as of February 8, 2019